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Who We Are

We are quantum gardeners.

But we are also a collective: one of living ancestors, healers, creatives, cultural organizers, birthworkers, farmers, teachers, and change agents. Each of us honors the call to explore effective formats to address, fabricate, discuss, and practice social alchemy. With the sanction and guidance of our ancestral powers, we co-create sacred spaces for our radical imaginations to run wild. Manifest. Actualize. HEAL, and heal us forward.


If radical means "that which goes to the roots of something," Qiln-forged spaces invite us to initiate and sustain radical transformation, as well as employ holistic critique of the seemingly obvious. They move us to explore and implement alternative ways of living, healing, creating, and struggling together: through lovingly producing, working, sharing, inhabiting the land, and sending transformative energies across space and time. The Qiln empowers us further to decolonize how we connect to our communities, the land, and ourselves.

After its inception and growth in Portland, Oregon, the BlaQQiln withdrew from public activity. It now returns to public-facing work in Baltimore, Maryland. To see examples of past work, visit the Qiln archive here.

Collective Members

Meet Our Qoven

Micknai Arefaine

Jordan Purnell Jackson


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Sea Mason


Christopher Hughbanks

Joanne Douglas

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